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Wiseland Inc.'s Intelligence Cloud is Human First AI

Wiselands Inc. is a global technology company that provides a Human-first Intelligence Cloud.

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Intelligence Cloud

Think of us as a cloud service provider that provides you raw intelligence that is as good as human intelligence augmented by AI. You need 10x software engineers, brilliant sales people, high quality customer service agents, content writers and marketing experts to run your business effectively.

You can get this intelligence from our Intelligence Cloud. We can help you automate your business, find customers, train your staff and develop software using AI.

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If your are an expert in specific area, join our platform. We will carefully vett you using our AI and if you qualify you may become part of our Intelligence Cloud. You can then provide your services to our customers. We will train you to use our AI.

Using AI can help you automate a lot of your work, get help at every step and quickly develop highly customized solutions for your customers.

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AI/LLM Training and Software Development

We can train all your staff to use AI and LLMs. We have very comprehensive training programs that can help you get started with AI and LLMs. This involves using AI tools to generate marketing content, customer service, generating leads and increasing sales. We can train your IT department to develop AI software, retrain LLMs on your data and do cloud based deployments.

Wiseland as an AI powered training platform called Fastlearn to achieve this.

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