How does Wiseland make money if their monthly plans are just $150 ?

How does Wiseland make money if their monthly plans are just $150 ?

How does wiseland make money ?

Our most asked question

Wiseland's subscription plan is just $150 per month. How can we trust this service to be good enough for my business? Why is it so cheap ?

Well, we are happy to take more money if you are willing to part with it. In all seriousness, Wiseland's business model has two components.

  • Building a product that can run your business.
  • Supporting the product on regular basis.

We have multiple products already built and you can use them as subscription. Indeed $150 per month price is sufficient for us to run it on our large infra that already supports 100s of other customers.

However, most small business will find that the products they are using need some modifications. Such modifications do not come free. We charge for such modifications in a separate structure on per request basis. Additionally, we also work with our customers to move these products to their own cloud hosting, or give them access to source code to modify their code as per their own needs. This service to will have a separate payment structure.

We make moneythrough subscriptions and through customizations

For example, our FastLearn LMS was initially built for corporate trainers training in technology products like .NET, Python etc. However we also got customers in medical domain with their unique needs and we modified our platform to support their usecase. We charged these users for the new features we built.

We grow with your business

Since we built all our products ourselves it is much easier for us to roll out new features in those products. We can roll out the features on per customer basis as well and if needed we can collaborate with customer's developer team as well.

In most cases this leads to a long term relationship with mutual benefits.

We have been profitiable from day 1 without and fund raising

Our software products have been making us money right from day 1 and we have never bothered to raise any venture capital. We are very proud to have built a fully bootstrapped company that can sustain itself without burning other people's money.

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