FastLearn. AI powered LMS for students and instructors.

FastLearn. AI powered LMS for students and instructors.

Fastlearn is powered by AI that assists instructors in creating courses and helped students learn faster.

What is FastLearn

Fastlearn is a learing management system we have built with the help from instructors in IIT Bombay, ex employees of Google, Microsoft and many other industry veterans. Unlike other LMS in the market FastLearn is focused on making students learn through hands on experience we term as "programs". It allows for self paced learning as well as live online learning. It uses power of AI to help instructors generate course content and helps students learn things better.

Features of FastLearn

  • Supports video and text based course content.
  • Allows instructors to use AI tools to generate course content.
  • Allows students to use AI tools to improve their learning, rephrase content and clear their doubts.
  • Allows live learning through secure in built video conferencing tools.
  • Allows instructors to accept payments from students.
  • Supports linked courses to create long period programs.

Is there a demo ? instance is also running in production here. If you want more detailed demo our would like your own instance to try please write to us on


Fastlearn is available at the standard price listed on on pricing page. However based on the usage and custom feature development we can work on a separate pricing scheme caters to your specific business needs.